Plan: Leave home March 5th and travel over land or "por la tierra" to Colombia and Brazil.  

About me: I am 25, from Bellingham, WA and I want to do something different with my life so I have decided to take a journey and I would like to end up somewhere else.

My Noble Stead: A 1997 BMW F650. 
I've got time on my side and only a loose idea of when and where I will be.  I have always liked ideas better than plans because plans can fall through, ideas are much more adaptable.

Goodbye Bellingham, its over, you've been good to me and I love you but I have to go. 
It's not you, its me.

I don't plan on returning home.
Ideas and places I would like to see 
For true adventure you need at least one variable that is out of your control.

I know Mexico and Central America pretty well having spent almost 10 Months there when I was 21 so I will focus more on places south of there.  I heard Colombia is great for motorcycling because there are very few traffic laws and bikes don't pay tolls.  I want to explore Cartagena, hang out on the Caribbean, ride around in the mountains and hike deep into the Sierra Nevada range to the "Lost City of the Incas."  I also really want to see Brazil and I studied a little Portuguese in College so I plan to spend a lot of time there.

The most intriguing section of this trip may prove to be the infamous Darien Gap.  The lawless jungles between Panama and Colombia.  To this day there are no roads so I will have to look for a boat to take me acrossNear Panama City there are a few ports where I might find a captain willing to transport me and the bike to Colombia.  Doing this crossing with very little money could prove to be a true adventure.

The website
More than just a photo journal, I hope this website serves as a window into modern day Latin America.  Lots of photos and a little bit of text.  Feel free to shoot me an email on the contact page if you have any questions, advice or just want to grab a beer along the way.  Feel free to leave comments on the bottom of the posts as well.

I have chosen to go searching for adventure out of pure love for the unknown.  Just travel for travel's sake.  Time to think, time to break out of my routine and start something new.  Travel as a means to open the mind and learn about the world first hand.

I will know I have achieved my goal when I reach that certain state of mind which is familiar to the seasoned traveler.  When I no longer care whether the days come and go quickly or slowly.  When I feel like I belong in the moment.  When my mind is clear and focused, and totally free.  I will be lost in the ecstasy of the journey.

State st. covered in snow.

My favorite place for a cheap beer, The Up & Up.  Until recently pitchers of PBR were only $3! 

My Apartment building "The Alamo."  Quirky and with a bad rep but I liked the place.

I have been riding the bike as much as possible, tuning it up, spending too much $$$ on new parts and getting ready for the trip, this is a cool old dilapidated farmhouse that I found on Mosquito Lake Rd. with snowy hills in the background.  I encourage my fellow Northwesters to explore the surrounding areas as much as possible, there is so much to see right in our backyard, I will definitely miss that and I hope wherever I end up offers something similar.

Pelican Case ready to be bolted on to the bike

Drilled some holes in two strips of aluminum and then used JB Weld to attach some screws so they would stay in place.  This is the rack that came on the bike, just had to be modified.

View of the inside of the case, I drilled some holes for the bolts to poke through then picked up some nuts with handles from Hardware Sales so I can remove the case more easily.  I Love that store.

Sweet! Feels really solid, I prefer to travel as light as possible.  I can lock valuables inside the box and my clothes and camping gear will go in a dry bag strapped between me and the box.

Almost ready, just have to renew my driver's license and sell the rest of my belongings.

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